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We, Iranian students, had to leave our homeland because we pushed for human rights. Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression were denied us on a daily basis.
To avoid being imprisoned and tortured, we fled to Europe hoping for help. On the winding path that brought us to Germany, we were at the mercy of traffickers and even corrupt government officials.
More than once, we were in danger of losing our lives. We petitioned the German government, which promotes human rights the world over and encourages the Iranian democracy movement, for political asylum.
We are extremely grateful for the help we have received from the German government and German people, but after a year in this magnificent country, life is anything but perfect.
We live without personal privacy, in confined space, with strangers. We are given food, but it is institutional food and boring. Indeed, living in Rossdach also means living in isolation, effectively cut off from the rest of German society. ...read more

Situation in Iran and Germany (Presentation from Hadi)

Do you think Iran government is dictatorship or autocratic? Contrary to the public opinion, the Iranian government is not a dictatorship or autocratic, it is worse than that. The Iranian rulership is based on the principles of Islamic ideology. These principles are considered sacred and they are imposed on all segments of society. The rulership is based on abusing the religious beliefs and ideas of the people. ...read more